miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Dire Avengers WIP

So after a while I started painting minis again. I decided to finish up 500 points of Eldar before doing anything else.

Since I already own a battleforce, I will be painting that and a HQ unit to be able to hold battles with this army. I think after doing Eldar I will try and paint 500 pts of Chaos, but that will be decided later on.

With the Eldar I'm going to finish the Dire Avengers before doing the Vehicles and HQ. Since I'm doing Ulthwé craftworld, my brother had an awesome idea to paint certain parts of their armor black to keep the scheme even though the dire avengers will still be blue.

Anyways, I'm posting some pics for comments... Hoping to have something more for sunday's battle. I haven't done any touch ups on the minis, so they still have a few screw ups here and there...

lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Space Marine Captain

Ok I'm almost done with the AoBR Space Marines. Just a little touches and the base and space marine captain is done. So here he is. His eye was a lot smaller than the other space marines and eldar so I had to be extra careful... and retouch way too many times. If you click on the image you can see a larger version and probably see the eye haha.

Here I think it looks better, I also painted the lower part of the U on the shoulder.
The cape I thought was going to be harder but just with three tones looks passable :D
and a couple of group pictures

What do you guys think?

sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

Battle Report ork+necron vs space marines

Ok so, here goes my first battle report. It happened last weekend so I might not remember some details.

Before I start I want to show off my new battle mat! :P I bought that and some trees and now our battles look a little bit better. Hopefully our little group might make some more for the next encounters.

Our battle was 2000 points of space marines (including a spearhead of walkers) versus 1000 points of orks and 1000 points of necrons. I used the space marines. Woroxon used the orks and Raidengard used the necrons. We decided to try another battle mission and chose surprise attack from the battle missions book. Necrons and Orks deployed on the inside, each unit 6 inches from each other. Space Marines deployed from all around and this is how it looked like:
Space Marines always go first on that mission so they had a lot of targets to choose from. After the dust settled a lot of orks died and no Necron was touched. Orks and Necrons then decided to kill space marines. A bike, dreadnought, a speeder and a bunch of terminators didn't make it to the second round.
Third round the space marines finished up most of the boys and managed to kill one necron immortal. Scarabs proceeded to finish up all the dreadnoughts.

All boys are now dead but Ork boss killed the terminators, necrons are finishing off the remaining space marines.

The end looked like this, all space marines are to be removed from the field by the end of the next turn so we decided to end it there.
Things looking grim for the last 3 space marines.
Hope you liked it

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Little necrons

My babies are spawning already.
I guess they are lacking a bit in quality since I want them to be done NOW :P

jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

better pictures

Of the dreadnought. I finished the base and some details like the ultra on the left leg and some weathering on the hand.

Still haven't figured out a name :(

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Dreadnought progress

Still not done with this guy, haven't found a name to put in his center banner. Still thinking of a proper greek/roman name for him but my mind always drifts into something else. I have been working on him faster than I normally do but he is a lot easier for some reason.
Still need to work on the exhaust pipes, they need more of a brownish tone. Gonna work on that
I really like this arm, just need to drill the holes for the multi-melta
I need to take a better picture of the details on this arm. It has a lot more than the melta one.
So what do you guys think of this WiP? I still need to do the metal on everything to make it look like the paint has fallen but it's almost there.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Ultramarine Tactical Squad and Terminators

Reverse order, Terminators first. I added the blue light wash on the helmets, but just on top the gray lines, doesn't look like it changed much but it's there. Also bases are done :D
More terminators, completely fell in love with these guys.
My favorite model so far is this guy. So I added a special base to make him stand taller :D
Shot of his powersword.
Finished the bases of the entire tactical squad today.
I tried to place the grass in random places but I ended up placing it almost in the same places for everyone. I suck at randomness.
Some work needs to be done on the sergeant's base, that little rock is supposed to be something else.
And this is it, next up is going to be a dreadnought and a space marine captain, also wave serpent for the eldar.

Eldar Guardians

Update time. Now with more grass :D
Ok so I managed to work and finish the entire squad, well almost finish. The weapons platform still needs work but it's oh so close. First picture three eldar guys from Ulthwé
Second picture of more Ulthwé guardians. The witchblade or whatever it is that guy is holding in his hand still hasn't been painted. I needed a break from the Eldar stuff and his sword was left behind, gonna work till completion soon.
More Eldar guardians I have come to love. Raiden absolutely adores these guys, they are turning out exactly how he planned them to be.
Weapon platform and last dude. Weapons are all still very much just with a base white plus some skull white on top to make the whiteness more white I guess.
A look at the gems, I really really like making blue gems, I think they look better than the red ones.
Thats all the Eldar in this squad, probably won't post pictures of them finished till I add something else to them...

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010


So, if you guys haven't downloaded it yet, the spearhead pdf is already in games-workshop website ready for download.

Haven't checked it out yet and with no tanks built this doesn't do anything for me yet. It will be fun for when we get our tanks built :D


miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Terminators almost done, and a little something something

While I didn't like to paint the white, the rest was a blast. I really enjoyed this squad and I'm glad its almost done. Ready to move onto more eldar now.
Need to tidy up the checkers on this one, the ultramarines U needs to be fatter and a bigger round hole in the middle, gonna work on that tomorrow. Also on this picture the promised drilled guns.
Oh power weapon, I read online how to do this red effect and couldn't wait to put it on Mr. Termy here.
Writting with a brush is a real pain. Not going to bother with fixing this :P
I did the shield on this one second and it looks a little bit better.
I liked the way the terminators on the AoBR read me had letters on the shield so I copied it.
They are moving to get some sand beneath their feet :D
And this is the little something something. Gonna have a blast painting this SM Predator :D :D
Next up 3 eldar :D

domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Terminators WiP

So, I said I was working on my terminators. I decided to post some WiP pictures. These were the tests for a few new techniques I wanted to try. Also an eldar guy sneaked in :P

A little close up to the really annoying face. I really hated working with white. Not going to be adding anymore white to these guys. I will just think they are newly promoted terminators.
And Mr Eldar Guardian with his red hair and a 25ct coin.
Still lots of work to do.