lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

God I'm a nerd

Ok, so better pictures of the scouts. Got my camera charged up and took some decent pictures. Of course now that I look at them certain things (which I don't like) pop up. Good thing that time is on my side and I can fix them up.
Awesome pose snipers! They will be in charge of dealing with monstrous creatures (wraithlord, and tyranid godzillas)
Camo cloaks with camo on them! :P
Space marine scout missile launcher, I'm still learning to use white, the worst color of them all. Might buy some P3 white.
his back, didn't paint the buttons there cause I want to glue the extra sniper rifle, to make him look like when he uses all his missiles he can aid with some sniper shots (only for show :P)
Extra missiles attached to the missile launcher, worst configuration IRL but ingame it looks cool. Also up next his other torso! Because he can and will use his sniper rifle (when he doesn't use his missile launcher )
his back
My first attempt at magnetizing, gave me confidence in doing it for other stuff. Very easy and I like that I didn't leave bits left from the box! I like to spend it all.
Ok so, the nerd part. I fell in love with the new dark eldar, specially the wyches. Also the new succubus model is amazing, gonna have to add it to my list of unpainted unboxed models. For now I just added lelith, she not only is awesome as a model but in the rules too.
Keeping in the nerd subject I also got a canonness for my squad of sisters. They will someday join my still unpainted Imperial guard.
And the nerdiest (maybe horniest too) thing I got. One of those awesome, very awesome, Kingdom Death minis. I will leave this until I can paint it sub golden demon standard.
Still can't help but drool at the little details on this one.

Hope you guys liked my very long picture post :)

crappy cellphone pictures

are crappy. Yet that's all I had today, I'll post updated pictures tonight when my camera gets charged. Proper pictures. Right now, these are the pics of the updated scouts. I know they are not very cool models or impressive in their rules. But, they are a blast to paint, and they are teaching me a lot. I used my airbrush to paint the armor, which in turn made the painting process faster and less tedious as I hate painting all that blue, in retrospective I should have painted the white parts with the airbrush instead, oh well.

The tau are the ones who are going to benefit from all this. I wasn't happy with how they were turning out and stripped the paint off of them. This second round they are looking a lot better, I should have at least two firewarriors finished by this weekend. My foot got injured playing soccer so, there won't be soccer this week, more painting time haha.

Long post and less pictures, different from the norm. Here they are, crappy cell phone pictures:

lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

progress for tonight

finished one scout and started another, didn't finish the two of them as i expected but I'm tired now :P

jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Space Marine Scout again

Semi - finished this time. The wash on the back is still drying so I took that time to take a picture and show :D I'm thinking it looks very cool, I'm getting the hang of highlighting black with two grays so I guess I learned something new today :D

So what do you guys think?

edit: last update for the night, washes dried and painted some stuff. Still need to fix something on the face.

miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

new technique

I started yesterday a new technique to paint my space marines. I started 5 sm scouts with sniper rifles and today I can show you a WiP shot. Hope you guys like it.

lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

necron vs eldar

hello guys, my brother and I decided to do our first in house game. Points were set at 535 and the lists were:

farseer + doom + fortune + 3 warlocks

dire avengers +exarch two shrunken catapults + bladestorm + wave serpent + scatter lasers
guardians + scatter laser

heavy support
war walker +scatter laser

Necron lord

2x 10 warriors

heavy support
1 heavy destroyer

Deployment was on the two opposite quarters of our coffee table. Game was decided by dice; anihilation.

The monolith was part of the terrain.
Eldar forces prepared for combat.

Necron lord preparing his necrons to defend the monolith.
After the first turn (eldar 1st necron 2nd) two warlocks were obliterated by a hail of fire from every necron.
At the end of the second turn a barrage of scatter lasers made one of the necron units flee from the table (soooo not necron-like)
The wave serpent approached, unloaded the dire avengers which just tore the warriors to pieces. The Farseer used doom and fortune on the dire avengers which just made things worse. The wave serpent moved in front of the dire avengers in order to prevent the necron vengeance but it was already too late. Necrons phased out leaving no trace of their defeat... only in my heart :(
Fun game nonetheless. Wednesday we might do another two armies :)

martes, 1 de febrero de 2011


Ok, this is a WiP with the tentative final weapons and gear. The shield on the right hand is just for show since he can only take 3 things. The drone is finished.
I slacked on the modeling part and now the painting part is suffering because of it. There is some flash I didn't remove that gets on my nerves.
Also, I don't know if I'm going to paint some lines and segments white or another color. The tau in the tau of war are painted white and they look pretty damn good. Still undecided.

It's a lot better than the firewarriros but still i think its missing something :(