lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

crappy cellphone pictures

are crappy. Yet that's all I had today, I'll post updated pictures tonight when my camera gets charged. Proper pictures. Right now, these are the pics of the updated scouts. I know they are not very cool models or impressive in their rules. But, they are a blast to paint, and they are teaching me a lot. I used my airbrush to paint the armor, which in turn made the painting process faster and less tedious as I hate painting all that blue, in retrospective I should have painted the white parts with the airbrush instead, oh well.

The tau are the ones who are going to benefit from all this. I wasn't happy with how they were turning out and stripped the paint off of them. This second round they are looking a lot better, I should have at least two firewarriors finished by this weekend. My foot got injured playing soccer so, there won't be soccer this week, more painting time haha.

Long post and less pictures, different from the norm. Here they are, crappy cell phone pictures:

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  1. The pictures aren't that bad, the lighting on the other hand… :)

    It's a shame that sniper rifles aren't more useful and the scouts are pretty neat looking. The light makes it a bit hard to see but it looks like your airbrushing paid off. One thing I learned this weekend (apart from how poorly I put my land raider together…) is that I will never paint white with a brush again. Airbrushing is the only way to go. Skull White really is a poor color:/

  2. yes, apparently the white from p3 paints is way better than the GW alternative.

    I was looking at the pictures of your land raider from the inside, great job! can't you pull it apart to glue it again? or will it break? I did some mistakes with the tau vehicles but managed to fix them with some putty.

  3. The P3 paints are said to be pretty much great compared to GW, too bad they come in different colors :/ It's sad that GW can't make sure they improve their paints. Might pick up P3 paints if I get back to painting WARMACHINE. I feel like switching to their elves instead though, and I can't really afford all those new minis right now :/

    I glue with GW's plastic cement glue so pulling it apart isn't an option. Plus if I went back and tried to fix everything I did wrong I would still be painting the same mini :) Also I paint a LOT better than I greenstuff, it's too artsy for me and I suck at anything requiring such talent:)

  4. Nevermind what I said, the land raider looks awesome! Just the door is left to fix but I'm sure you'll come up with something. I love it. I wish I had the will to not only paint but buy one of those. Maybe in the very far future... when we play bigger games on someplace that isn't as public as the place we go to.

  5. We'll see how the Land Raider turns out when I'm done:) Have to figure out how to best magnetize the side doors as well (forgot to prime and paint the outside of them. Plus I have to really clean the airbrush!).

    My 1500pt list will be two tactical squads with melta, power weapon, and lascannon riding in an assault cannon razorback. Combat squaded with the lascannons in the back. Add a full squad of assault marines with flamers, and five termies with Lysander riding in the Land Raider. Only got the LR plus some minor bits for the razors left. :)

  6. nice almost done with your army! I haven't decided which is my main army so I have lots to paint. Also painting my cousin's tau.

    Cleaning the airbrush sucks, but I have learned my lesson. I put 10 minutes after each session just to clean it. I want to buy a new one for little details. I think this one is ok for what I put it through but I need it to be able to paint very thin lines without clogging. I don't know if it's because of the paint or the airbrush. Gonna look for a well reviewed airbrush.

  7. If I didn't choose one army to paint, I would never again get to play :)

    Cleaning. Still haven't done it:/ Going to have to do some serious cleaning.

    I've been eyeing these big tank compressors for the future:) Not too expensive either. And a better hose + quick connect. And then I wouldn't mind a nice new airbrush too:) A guy got to dream:)

  8. Gonna paint 500 armies for them all to see which one I like the most (so far the one I like the most is the Tau which I can't choose :P)

    I have a regular sized compressor. What I'm looking for is one of those pressure regulators, so that the compressor always gives me the same pressure, don't remember their name, gonna look for one now. I bought one of those water trap+hoses from amazon, amazing buy.

    Only thing not cool about my compressor is that it makes a lot of noise, omg it's so loud!