martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Dire Avengers WIP

So after a while I started painting minis again. I decided to finish up 500 points of Eldar before doing anything else.

Since I already own a battleforce, I will be painting that and a HQ unit to be able to hold battles with this army. I think after doing Eldar I will try and paint 500 pts of Chaos, but that will be decided later on.

With the Eldar I'm going to finish the Dire Avengers before doing the Vehicles and HQ. Since I'm doing Ulthwé craftworld, my brother had an awesome idea to paint certain parts of their armor black to keep the scheme even though the dire avengers will still be blue.

Anyways, I'm posting some pics for comments... Hoping to have something more for sunday's battle. I haven't done any touch ups on the minis, so they still have a few screw ups here and there...