jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

better pictures

Of the dreadnought. I finished the base and some details like the ultra on the left leg and some weathering on the hand.

Still haven't figured out a name :(

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Dreadnought progress

Still not done with this guy, haven't found a name to put in his center banner. Still thinking of a proper greek/roman name for him but my mind always drifts into something else. I have been working on him faster than I normally do but he is a lot easier for some reason.
Still need to work on the exhaust pipes, they need more of a brownish tone. Gonna work on that
I really like this arm, just need to drill the holes for the multi-melta
I need to take a better picture of the details on this arm. It has a lot more than the melta one.
So what do you guys think of this WiP? I still need to do the metal on everything to make it look like the paint has fallen but it's almost there.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Ultramarine Tactical Squad and Terminators

Reverse order, Terminators first. I added the blue light wash on the helmets, but just on top the gray lines, doesn't look like it changed much but it's there. Also bases are done :D
More terminators, completely fell in love with these guys.
My favorite model so far is this guy. So I added a special base to make him stand taller :D
Shot of his powersword.
Finished the bases of the entire tactical squad today.
I tried to place the grass in random places but I ended up placing it almost in the same places for everyone. I suck at randomness.
Some work needs to be done on the sergeant's base, that little rock is supposed to be something else.
And this is it, next up is going to be a dreadnought and a space marine captain, also wave serpent for the eldar.

Eldar Guardians

Update time. Now with more grass :D
Ok so I managed to work and finish the entire squad, well almost finish. The weapons platform still needs work but it's oh so close. First picture three eldar guys from Ulthwé
Second picture of more Ulthwé guardians. The witchblade or whatever it is that guy is holding in his hand still hasn't been painted. I needed a break from the Eldar stuff and his sword was left behind, gonna work till completion soon.
More Eldar guardians I have come to love. Raiden absolutely adores these guys, they are turning out exactly how he planned them to be.
Weapon platform and last dude. Weapons are all still very much just with a base white plus some skull white on top to make the whiteness more white I guess.
A look at the gems, I really really like making blue gems, I think they look better than the red ones.
Thats all the Eldar in this squad, probably won't post pictures of them finished till I add something else to them...