miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Ultramarine Tactical Squad and Terminators

Reverse order, Terminators first. I added the blue light wash on the helmets, but just on top the gray lines, doesn't look like it changed much but it's there. Also bases are done :D
More terminators, completely fell in love with these guys.
My favorite model so far is this guy. So I added a special base to make him stand taller :D
Shot of his powersword.
Finished the bases of the entire tactical squad today.
I tried to place the grass in random places but I ended up placing it almost in the same places for everyone. I suck at randomness.
Some work needs to be done on the sergeant's base, that little rock is supposed to be something else.
And this is it, next up is going to be a dreadnought and a space marine captain, also wave serpent for the eldar.

6 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations, I like how alll the minis look take for granted that as soon as my schedule gets a fre time they are going t get the proper battle scars.


  2. Very nice. And I understand you like the terminators, they are very sweet. Especially the terminators in Space Hulk:) I kind of wish I could field an elite army with 30 termies:)

    Since you are all into the blue, have you considered one of the ultramarine special characters? Wouldn't it be sweet to have Calgar fight some Woroxon green? I hear the prophet of the WAAAGH! himself says that he can best even the strongest of the ultramarines:)

  3. @ Woroxon: actually no need to hurry, I want to add the evil space robot zombies with lazers and they take a while to sand. They will be easy to paint though. But yeah they are getting ready to kick some orky ass :P

    @Flekkzo: Ha I have stopped myself several times from buying a drop pod and a squad of close combat terminators. Also Calgar looks so badass, I might not resist myself and buy him. You didn't help either haha

  4. sin palabras...!!! estan super increibles!!

  5. I especially love the bases. Nicely done.

  6. :D Except for the terminator sergeant, all the bases were done in a hurry. Kinda amazing that the base makes the model stand out more than I thought it would.

    Gotta work on my basing techniques :D