jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

better pictures

Of the dreadnought. I finished the base and some details like the ultra on the left leg and some weathering on the hand.

Still haven't figured out a name :(

6 comentarios:

  1. Very impressive work!
    I'm getting ready to build my first dread. Thanks for some inspiration.

  2. Thx and no prob. I saw your models and they are astounding.

    I look forward to seeing your first dread now (this was mine too :D)

  3. el efecto desgastado esta muy bueno, ya quiero verlo en combate... :p

  4. Very nice! Expert painted looking!

  5. Thx! I found a name for him:


    I painted his name and doesn't look too bad, looks a bit worse than the ultra on the leg but I was tired and didn't care enough for that little space.