jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Little necrons

My babies are spawning already.
I guess they are lacking a bit in quality since I want them to be done NOW :P

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  1. Looking pretty snazzy :) They look pretty mean, kind of hulking and menacing. Like they have just risen from their tomb and are now looking for victims. Maybe it would be a bit advanced but it would look awesome if there was some kind of debris on them making it look like they have been hiding for a long time and are now free. Like drapes of vines and such if on a jungle planet. Just spawning ideas:)

    Oh. I wonder how they would look with red eyes. Too much like a Terminator?

  2. Yeah they would look like the movie terminator. I kinda like the green look. Maybe going to wash a bit more green on their left leg.

    Drapes sound like a wonderful idea and would give me a chance to try my hand with greenstuff.

  3. Maybe some green wash where the light from the gun hits?

  4. listos para el Domingo... :p
    lo de los escombros se vería muy bien...como siempre muy buen trabajo...saludos

  5. Great job on them. They do look cool!

  6. Thx, the picture doesn't show but they have green wash around the eyes and the arm that holds the gun, maybe a little bit of highlights with a brighter green will make it stand out. Gotta try something.