miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Eldar Guardians

Update time. Now with more grass :D
Ok so I managed to work and finish the entire squad, well almost finish. The weapons platform still needs work but it's oh so close. First picture three eldar guys from Ulthwé
Second picture of more Ulthwé guardians. The witchblade or whatever it is that guy is holding in his hand still hasn't been painted. I needed a break from the Eldar stuff and his sword was left behind, gonna work till completion soon.
More Eldar guardians I have come to love. Raiden absolutely adores these guys, they are turning out exactly how he planned them to be.
Weapon platform and last dude. Weapons are all still very much just with a base white plus some skull white on top to make the whiteness more white I guess.
A look at the gems, I really really like making blue gems, I think they look better than the red ones.
Thats all the Eldar in this squad, probably won't post pictures of them finished till I add something else to them...

5 comentarios:

  1. I like the schema and how the static grass enhace the black armor. nice work. i hope the will be ready soon.

  2. Ever considered purple gems to give them a bit more warmth? Just saying:)

    Looking sharp. But remember how cool the Eldar vehicles are:)

  3. Thx :D they will take a while to get ready, I'm planning a 500pt list for all the armies so that we can have some variation. Necron will be ready before even the space marines! :P

    Purple gems? I only have one purple in my paint set :( . As for the vehicles, next Eldar mini I will paint is a wave serpent. Hopefully it won't take as long as this squad.

  4. Wow ashi, you are an expert painter!

  5. thank you!
    I just have a gigantic magnifying glass haha