lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

necron vs eldar

hello guys, my brother and I decided to do our first in house game. Points were set at 535 and the lists were:

farseer + doom + fortune + 3 warlocks

dire avengers +exarch two shrunken catapults + bladestorm + wave serpent + scatter lasers
guardians + scatter laser

heavy support
war walker +scatter laser

Necron lord

2x 10 warriors

heavy support
1 heavy destroyer

Deployment was on the two opposite quarters of our coffee table. Game was decided by dice; anihilation.

The monolith was part of the terrain.
Eldar forces prepared for combat.

Necron lord preparing his necrons to defend the monolith.
After the first turn (eldar 1st necron 2nd) two warlocks were obliterated by a hail of fire from every necron.
At the end of the second turn a barrage of scatter lasers made one of the necron units flee from the table (soooo not necron-like)
The wave serpent approached, unloaded the dire avengers which just tore the warriors to pieces. The Farseer used doom and fortune on the dire avengers which just made things worse. The wave serpent moved in front of the dire avengers in order to prevent the necron vengeance but it was already too late. Necrons phased out leaving no trace of their defeat... only in my heart :(
Fun game nonetheless. Wednesday we might do another two armies :)

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  1. it is a shame that i was too busy earlier in the afternoon I hope next week sunday we can start basing our armies.

  2. :D yeah, hellboy took pictures of our match on sunday; necron vs tyranid. It went a lot different than this match. I'm going to try tau to see if its a better army at this point range. Necron can have good streaks but against eldar they fail. It makes sense too since they have been waiting for the necron's return for millenia.

  3. Los eldars me vengaron ;p . Necrons Corriendo del enemigo como niñas a mi tampoco me cuadra la idea,solo esperemos que eso sea de las mejoras del próximo codex....