lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

God I'm a nerd

Ok, so better pictures of the scouts. Got my camera charged up and took some decent pictures. Of course now that I look at them certain things (which I don't like) pop up. Good thing that time is on my side and I can fix them up.
Awesome pose snipers! They will be in charge of dealing with monstrous creatures (wraithlord, and tyranid godzillas)
Camo cloaks with camo on them! :P
Space marine scout missile launcher, I'm still learning to use white, the worst color of them all. Might buy some P3 white.
his back, didn't paint the buttons there cause I want to glue the extra sniper rifle, to make him look like when he uses all his missiles he can aid with some sniper shots (only for show :P)
Extra missiles attached to the missile launcher, worst configuration IRL but ingame it looks cool. Also up next his other torso! Because he can and will use his sniper rifle (when he doesn't use his missile launcher )
his back
My first attempt at magnetizing, gave me confidence in doing it for other stuff. Very easy and I like that I didn't leave bits left from the box! I like to spend it all.
Ok so, the nerd part. I fell in love with the new dark eldar, specially the wyches. Also the new succubus model is amazing, gonna have to add it to my list of unpainted unboxed models. For now I just added lelith, she not only is awesome as a model but in the rules too.
Keeping in the nerd subject I also got a canonness for my squad of sisters. They will someday join my still unpainted Imperial guard.
And the nerdiest (maybe horniest too) thing I got. One of those awesome, very awesome, Kingdom Death minis. I will leave this until I can paint it sub golden demon standard.
Still can't help but drool at the little details on this one.

Hope you guys liked my very long picture post :)

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  1. Excellent progress, the snippers look great, and about the last mini I want one too but my wife would kill it first then kill me, hahaha.

  2. I'm taking advantage of my not married status until september :)

    That mini came with that card and a poster, the packaging was great.

  3. Sisters of Battle are awesome, but I'd hold on them until the codex drops. Will be some time, but I bet they will come with some cool new minis:)

    And I have a Lilith too:)

  4. It's been hard to hold on for the new codex, as it was hard with the necrons. Now rumor has it that the destroyers are being redone, my 6 new destroyers will look old this year :(

    I'll paint them before the new codex comes out, they have to look new and painted before that

  5. Or your six destroyers will look vintage and you can say stuff like "I played Necrons before it was cool" :)

    And I really like the esthetics around the Sisters. The armor, the fleur de lis, the tough chick air. Some of the artwork is really cool. Most of the models though, aren't. They look like drag queens of battle rather than Sisters of Battle. I hope they find someone who excels at female faces, and for the love of the emperor, don't make all of them scream or sneer!!!

    Me, I have to paint what I have, as extra hobby money isn't forthcoming at the moment :(

  6. this is true, vintage necron destroyers :)

    I too like the sisters and dislike their screaming faces. My sisters will be vintage too soon :D hopefully.

    Same I have to paint what I have, but I torture myself visiting games-workshop daily