miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Terminators almost done, and a little something something

While I didn't like to paint the white, the rest was a blast. I really enjoyed this squad and I'm glad its almost done. Ready to move onto more eldar now.
Need to tidy up the checkers on this one, the ultramarines U needs to be fatter and a bigger round hole in the middle, gonna work on that tomorrow. Also on this picture the promised drilled guns.
Oh power weapon, I read online how to do this red effect and couldn't wait to put it on Mr. Termy here.
Writting with a brush is a real pain. Not going to bother with fixing this :P
I did the shield on this one second and it looks a little bit better.
I liked the way the terminators on the AoBR read me had letters on the shield so I copied it.
They are moving to get some sand beneath their feet :D
And this is the little something something. Gonna have a blast painting this SM Predator :D :D
Next up 3 eldar :D

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  1. Wow. Just wow. They look awesome. Freehand and everything. Stellar! When you get them based you sure can field them with pride. The lenses and eyes and everything. How long have you been painting?

    The only advice I could give is to darken the recesses on the helmet to make the white pop more. I personally don't like using black for it as you can sometimes see GW does. Too much contrast. Maybe a greyblue or something like that. I tend to gravitate towards blue:)

    I also see some Tau, got a plan?:)

  2. Thanks. Painting I have been since high school, not of this quality though. I used to paint airplanes and tanks, very badly. I tended not to use brushes but I did everything with an airbrush. Masking tape and airbrush was all I used.

    Painting miniatures I started this february.

    Hmm I think a blue wash around the gray one could give it the impression its reflecting some of the blue color from the armor. Gonna give it a try. Also you think adding a really thin black line on the deepest recesses on the helmet would make it look better? ok consider it done!

    My cousin got a Tau battleforce, I love how tau look so I got these for him to use but for me to paint.

    In the not so distant future, our little gaming group will have most armies except: dark eldar, witchhunters, daemonhunters. Chaos daemons are a maybe. Variety will keep us interested I think.

  3. For starting to paint this February you really put my eyes and lenses to shame. I need to improve that area a lot :)

    I think that the really strong black color in the recesses looks bad, it's too much contrast. Do not try that because of me :) I think that a softer grey (or preferably a soft greyblue to tie it into your main color blue) would give it a softer shading and make it look more like shadows than something painted on. I used chardon granite or something like that on mine but I think I should have gone for a brownish grey to tie it into my yellow marines.

    The blue was could be a really cool idea, but beware, just a little too much and you will curse my name and have to repaint it all. So water it down (or use thinner if you have it. Thinner as in special stuff to make it thin, not the substance thinner, he one that smells, don't use that) and look around the internet for advice better than mine :)

    Good luck!

    PS What color theme are you using for the Tau? Not that standard I hope, but something cool and unusual :) I hope I haven't asked already :)

  4. aww whats wrong with the standard one? :(

    I thought that since we were the only ones (as far as I know) that game here that we could get away with the standard schemes. Metal for necrons, cadian for imperial guard, ultramarines for space marines etc.

    I was so excited about the sand theme of the Tau that the board I'm going to make this weekend was going to be painted desert. Now, I'm still going to paint it desert but with less excitement haha

    I saw a tutorial that used a blueish gray basecoat instead of the gray I used for the helmets. He left some of the blue showing and it looked very good. Gonna give the blue was a try, a little bit around the gray areas.

    I will post either pictures or curses next time :D

  5. By the way, I saw some warmachines in your blog, how do the humans there compare to the humans from the imperial guard? are they taller/shorter with bigger/smaller heads/feet/hands? I saw some of their minis yesterday and fell in love, want to see if I could have some of those minis count as a squad of imperial guard veterans :D

  6. I just think that there are some other really cool schemes for Tau. I was thinking of a blue/grey one for the one suit I bought for fun. Bork'an I think it's called:) I am naturally drawn to snowy themes for some reason:)

    Good luck with the helmets. I think blue should go very well with white. Maybe I'll try that when I get to my Dire Avengers I have. Just five of them, but could be fun to paint :) Eldar are my "paint as good as I can" army to play around with, and Orks are the "go nuts and konvert and generally WAAAGH! the everliving poop out of them" :) Imperial Fists I want to get to the table, just that I can't speed paint them, it hurts inside if I would!

    WARMACHINE (and HORDES) have very very nice miniatures. Looks awesome. Maybe you could convert up some of the Trenchers from Cygnar (the blue guys, that I play, or rather played and now store but hopefully will play again!)? Take a look at privateer press' homepage, they have images of all their minis and they are great!

  7. I did go to their webpage after stumbling with their models in amazon. I can't stop looking at them since then. I want to buy some of their kommanders to "count as" imperial guard commisars. But all their minis look so incredible I can't decide what to buy. I will look at them again :D

  8. @Flekzzo, Please stop suggesting Warmachine it is really hard to resist the temptation as it is currently and you had to came here and tell that they have really good looking miniatures (I drool each time).

    @Ashi blueish gray or necron abyss could help a lot about shading white.

    And your loot makes me feel envy because you already have a lot of tau and I only got a razor, a rinho and a whirlwind.
    plus some mixim medium to dilute my paints and some brushes and some tools.
    still nothing compares to tau

  9. Hehe. Warmachine do have very nice models. Especially some of the females. They are tastfully done. I just wish I'd go and order that special Victoria Haley model they have, oh and their online order only Warp Wolf. That is one seriously wicked model for sure!

    You say you like Tau, which I do too, but I like Eldar better:) That new tank that are coming June 5th… :)

  10. Couldn't resist and bought female kommander Sorcha to use as a comissar! Maybe next month I will buy two starter sets and build/paint them as fast as I can to play with :D

    Lots of tanks for the space marines! Only missing a vindicator or two :D

  11. Wow, otro blog mas de warhammer 40K guatemalteco!
    Me alegra ver mas blogs de warhammeros sudamericanos!

    Saludos desde chile.

    PD: muy buenas minis x lo demas, felicitaciones

  12. Ofcourse! Those evil Khador should be perfect for IG. :)

    And watch these links only if you want to see some insanely well painted miniatures:





  13. @Flekkzo OMG those minis! insane! Next month I'm going to buy two starter sets and get them ready to play. I like the idea of getting everything ready in a box.

    @Nesbet Gracias! tu ejercito chaos esta super bien pintado, me gusta mucho como tomas las fotos tambien.

  14. @ashi Which sets are you thinking about? I wish they had a set for Retribution of scyrah as that is my new favorite:) And their new plastic kits looks awesome.

    I am heavily into painting 40k now, but maybe I'll grab one of my unpainted Cygnar one of these days and paint. Just that I wished I had the P3 paints for that:)

  15. I was thinking either khandor vs cygnar or the protectorate vs cryx. They look like the preferred enemies of each.

    Are the paints different? I saw people using citadel paints to paint these. With cryx I would have to buy the flourecent looking greens they have :D

  16. I've only used the P3 paints a bit but the general consensus seems to be that they are better. I'd check the Internet for more opinions:) I personally don't like Vallejo which makes me the odd one out. I was planning a transition to P3 for my PP minis in the future. So much to paint, so little time:)

    Cryx is probably the hardest to paint with their kind of chaosy theme. Death, decay, rot, and sickly green light. Cygnar/Protectorate/Khador has more imperial like painting schemes. If you don't like white don't look at the protectorate:)

    Again it is a crying shame that they don't have a box for the elves, they are awesome with their Mage hunters and all. And wait until you see PP's artwork, wow!

    But now I'm off to the paint table to paint a Rhino:)

  17. Yeah, I didn't like vallejo one bit either. I used to use only model masters (testors) for my airplanes and the move from that to citadel was a huge improvement. If P3 paints are better then I better check them out, specially for tau and their yellow theme.

    You are right about the white, Cygnar vs Khador will be it then :D

    I also heard that one of the guys who does the sculpts is a former GW employee, and the artwork guys are ex magic the gathering people. I can't resist to buy stuff now instead of later this month... so impatient.

    Power went out most of the day today here in my house, so couldn't get anything done. I bought some plastic trees to make some cheap terrain to use for gaming. I spent $10 for 7 trees and a scrub, I'll make some bushes and glue those trees in.

    Since we are not going to be able to game tomorrow, I might start working on the gaming board. I'm not planning anything too fancy so I might finish tomorrow too. Will post pics if I do.

    Good luck with your rhino :D

  18. That be Mr and Mrs McVey. Used to work for GW, then PP, now have their own thing going. They have a blog if you are curious:) He designed the P3 colors btw:)

    The Tau yellow is Tausept Ochra (foundation paint) which covers perfectly. Nothing like Imperial Fists:) Though there are many many ways to paint yellow, some far easier than others. Just look at my grot marine vs my latest post with the tutorial for the sergeant.

    PP's homepage has a lot of interviews of PP staff and their forum is real nice and there are several fro the staff posting which is awesome and really something GW should learn to do.

    The Rhino is progressing ever so slowly but still progressing. Hope to have it ready soon so I can take a photo of it next to it's tactical squad. I will run it as a Razorback with an assault cannon though:)