domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Terminators WiP

So, I said I was working on my terminators. I decided to post some WiP pictures. These were the tests for a few new techniques I wanted to try. Also an eldar guy sneaked in :P

A little close up to the really annoying face. I really hated working with white. Not going to be adding anymore white to these guys. I will just think they are newly promoted terminators.
And Mr Eldar Guardian with his red hair and a 25ct coin.
Still lots of work to do.

5 comentarios:

  1. Great work they look good and about white just have a lot of patience and nice touch to have a choca as reference for the eldar base.

  2. Looks really crisp and clean. I like the white. A good clean white, quite unlike my own odd little experiment (see my blog) :)

  3. Yeah, I saw your experiment and wanted to try doing a shoulder white after the faces. But after all of the work it took I'm going to leave them. I really applaud your patience trying different schemes with this horrible color :D

    The choca was my older brother's idea. He always says that people don't belive him about how small these things are so he wanted me to put something on the side as a reference.

    I drilled the holes for the guns today, will post pictures tomorrow. It's very easy and I will do the whole tac squad too.

  4. Yellow, white, red, black. These are colors people seem to dread in one way or another. To make matters more fun I also like purple. Funny how some colors are easier than others. At least painting Space Wolves looks easy:)

  5. Also they are barbarian space werewolves, a very cool mix in my book.

    Black is my favorite color to paint, maybe because I base everything black :D.

    Purple + black looks very evil. A chaos sm army in black and purple should inspire fear on those who set eyes upon it!