martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Update from black Reach

Holy week is over. Lots of beer were drank and pounds gained and no space marines were painted. Sucks cause I wanted to paint all the tactical SM, oh well. Before Holy week I managed to paint a couple and I'm about to finish space marines 8 and 9. Hopefully before sunday's game.

I decided to take a group photo. The camera didn't want to focus on anything so this is the only picture that had any focus at all.

This one I like very much. His helmet looks very cool, I tried to paint it well but I feel like I'm rushing them.

backside of cool-helmet-space-marine.

This one, I noticed there are some parts unpainted.

I "finished" the sergeant and added the text on the scrolls as suggested.

I added some text on his knee and a number on his shoulder too.

Also, I left the back skull gold but I added more wash until I was satisfied.
Here is a photo of my photo booth. Very simple... don't laugh :P

I have only started using washes and they are awesome. I want to paint orks so I can use them more often.

What do you guys think?

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  1. exelente..!! CASI TERMINAS..!!!
    muy bien trabajo y tu sala de fotografia portatil es lo maximo jajajaja

  2. ok well i have humbly accept that your photo boot is light years ahead of mine. and yes I really love how good your SM looks

  3. hehe, I was going to do something fancier but I saw the white folder and thought: "what the hell, it's just for taking pictures."

    Oh! by the way, I bought a table at pricesmart for our game on Sunday. I still have to buy some plywood to glue/screw on top so that its 4'x6'.

    I'm in the "planning" process now. I'm thinking of doing a modular design like the one from games workshop (realm of battle or something like that) or we could assign each a 1'x1' square and then we put it together. Make it some kind of group effort. Or I could do the table with the 2x2 squares like the GW one and you guys do some terrain to add on top. We can talk about this later since it's so far off.

    The table we will game on Sunday is something like 6 x 3 1/2. We can play on a 5x3 1/2 rectangle and leave a 1' x 3 1/2 room for dice, codexes and casualties :P