miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Space Marine Sergeant

Small update on the space marines from assault on black reach. Got some progress down with

bad ass sergeant here. He looks a bit sweaty. He is still a WIP but I'm not feeling quite ok with him. Something is amiss.

Hopefully with some markings and something else he will stand out.

the back I was not sure on how to paint the skull. Tried white but I didn't like it too much. But the gold doesn't sit well either. Still too many space marines to paint to sit around little details.

What do you guys think?

3 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations Ashi it looks brilliant and even better than you foot sloogers, but right now Im more interested in your potography setup how it is since it is clear that you have one.

  2. HA! I will take a picture of my makeshift photo booth. Its very very simple and you will laugh at it haha. It's just a white folder and two lamps, one yellow (the one on the right) and one white. I disable the flash on the camera so that they don't look too bright and then with the computer I "enhance" the colors.

    Does the job right? :)

  3. First, the photos are really nice and good. Good job there. Second, the model looks great. You have your own thing going and it is nice and crisp and smooth. Very nice!

    Little things that you can do:
    Green grenades.

    Get a small thin permanent marker type of pen and "scribble" text on the scrolls. Gives it a little extra character.

    Crosses and skulls and such. You can go for a stone and/or skull look. There are plenty of examples out there how to do it, but I mainly go for a dark whitish color of some sort (bheneb stone, bleached bone, or something) and the gryphonne sepia it. Maybe a little drybrush highlight.

    In general how much washes do you use? They are quite handy sometimes:)