martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

No longer good

This blog is no longer about the relative good guys. This will be about the mostly evil guys haha. Just some work these past two weeks. Some assembling and little painting. I wanted to play with them pretty bad so decided to get them a little bit table top ready. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This was done just with airbrush, the lord has made me realize I don't know how to paint golds anymore. Oh well, gotta learn again.

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  1. Ok bad news and bad news
    which one do you prefer first.

    Sadly I'm engaged to multiple events this weekend so I wont be able to play.

    more bad news. I talked to my friend and he is more than willing to part with the small chaos army I gave him.
    sadly he want one of my fleets and he doesn't want my imp or chaos one. so I might be forced to give him any one of the Tyranid, dark eldar, necrons or space marines fleets, a hard proposition.

  2. wahahahahahahahahahaha Blood blood blood!!!! que bien se miran vos, gran contraste

  3. gracias, hablando con werner me di cuenta que solo vamos a jugar 3 este fin de semana y talvez solo dos. Que tal si lo dejamos para el proximo fin de semana asi podemos jugar 4? de todos modos este fin de semana tambien estaba un poco rudo para mi tambien.

  4. Me parece, yo voy a viajar, quieren algo de Xela? XD

  5. Khorn is the way to go:) Chaos is pretty awesome, played a deamons of chaos army yesterday and that was pretty awesome too. Now they just need some codex updates :)

  6. Turning evil? Getting married will do that to a guy :)