miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

little update

Ok so progress has been slow as of late, those fire warriors even though they don't have much detail are very hard to finish. They can only look good if everything is done perfectly which I can't do.

Also finished the monolith, not pleased with the way the decals dried, I guess it had something to do with me being impatient.

Raidengard is progressing steadily with his Grey Knights, his new cheesyness.

And lastly my new babies :D dark eldar! these guys are just so freaking cool
:D hope to hear from you guys, it has been quiet around these parts.

6 comentarios:

  1. que bien se ven los Dark Eldars!! ya veo q se vienen con fuerza
    igual se convertirán en comida :p
    Espero que nos juntemos pronto

  2. I think the fire warriors look just fine. Though I personally would have painted a dark brown instead of black. Black is difficult.

    Which brings me to the Dark Eldar. What are your color plans? I've been thinking of dark dark blue for armor and then a heavy black wash and lighter highlights. Kinda like I'm thinking of painting my legion of the damned :)

    The monolith looks real good. And the rumors says that necrons are up for a new codex :)

  3. @Hellboy: haha a ver si no se vuelven las mascotas de un beasmaster :P

    algun comentario de los gk?

    @Flekkzo: oh they are dark brown, it just turned out to be very dark in the picture, it's very different irl.

    For the dark eldar I already applied black mixed with purple. I think purple + black is very evil and very dark knight.

    as for the necrons! hells yeah, i keep watching the gw website hoping to see an incoming necron article :D

    comments for the gks?

  4. The GWs are looking good. I'd do something cool with all those power weapons though. If you have an airbrush there is a really cool thing Les Bursley does for power weapons that at least looks easy to do:)

    The rumors says September for Necrons. I think I'll buy the codex:)

  5. Oh, and purple is a really nice color to combine with black (though I like purple even better with white, but it doesn't suit the Dark kin:)). Maybe playing with leviathan purple wash could be the answer :) Damn, now I want to paint something purple :)

  6. yeah! I showed him the video, might give it a try tomorrow morning. I think it was on dakkadakka.

    Necron rumors I have been following like an addict, scouring the net for anything new. Hopefully next month we get an incoming mail! *crosses fingers*

    For the purple, black + purple = evil :D :D I want to paint too!