domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

WiP Tau

Ok seeing as I can't paint today I decided to take pictures of what I have done during the week. I set myself a goal; write a 750 list for tau and necron (not very competitive, very few models) and paint them. I then set myself a date in which these armies would have to be completed. This was done a week ago, decided 3 weeks was enough but I added a week in case something goes wrong. So a month to get ready two 750 point armies :D. This week went by without an inconvenient and managed to paint my set goals. Here is my progress as of today:
These are both tricolor tau camo but I don't know why it looks as though it's only two :(

Group picture, I also sanded the monolith as my lack of airbrush knowledge managed to get a terrible base coat on it :(
Still a long way to go but everything seems to be going as planned.

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