miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

almost done

With these awesome scouts. I had a lot of fun painting them... a little frustration with the damn white but I think I learned some lessons this time. I'll probably forget them on the next mini. I'll start with a necron for this saturday's games. I want to give my necrons a shot in 500 pt games.

Ok picture time.
Gonna do the bases tomorrow since this glue takes a while. I'm patient :P
A look at his eyes, I think they are the best ones I've done so far. Since they are very very small
Also to prove to Hellboy you can do gems with three colors and make them look good or ok or whatever. I just used iyanden darksun, knarlock green and the mandatory black and white. They look better on this model than on the others in which I used more colors. I'm going to re-do their lenses to make them all look like this, also their scopes. Oh also the white in his pants I didn't want to stain too much but here it looks as if I didn't do anything to it, crap maybe I'll read up on the warmachine manual on how to do white again. Lol it didn't take long for me to realize how my lessons with white were in vain :P

3 comentarios:

  1. great work Ashi we need to do a workshop on painting lenses because I too disappoint on that area.

  2. hehe, I'm teaching Raiden too on how to do them easily. I found out that going the complex way made them look a bit flat. I'll do a how to paint gems with pictures tonight. Well there are a lot of those but I'll make one on how to do them with few paints and the easy/fast way :)

  3. Buen trabajo, muy bien logrados los lentes.
    Lograste hace que obtengan profundidad!!!!!
    Ya quiero ver el tutorial (Mis tyranid te lo agradeceran)