lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

more tau

Today is a yellow kind of day. The bottle says "brown" but to my eyes that stuff is yellow. This is the stuff I plan to finish in the near future, it's going a bit slow for the moment but it will pick up this week (I hope).

The weapons on the battlesuits are not final, I just put them there to see how they look (awesome) I think the theme on this army is going to be drones, lots of them. One thing that bothers me though (not that much) is that I haven't seen the bits to make them into shield drones. Haven't been looking too hard though, I'll find them someday, or just scream to the skies with one hand raised "NOOOOOOUUUUUU".

Also: a close up of three fire warriors which are "semi-finished"

I just love the tau, makes me wonder why I didn't buy these guys first. :P

5 comentarios:

  1. Your Tau's looking awesome. Be sure to look up "Tau of war" for lots of good Tau blogging :)

  2. we all 3 love them but I'm lagging behind.
    Julio already have them and he even hasn't played yet.

  3. Productivos los muchachos, eso me gusta pero que se traen entre manos?

    Productive boys, I like it but what do you have in mind?

  4. Pues yo creo q los q le ponen los nombres a los colores fuman algo extraño... lo mismo me pasa con el bestialbrown, dice q es cafe pero yo lo veo anaranjado..!!! jajajaja
    Pues estan geniales... me encanta como te van quedaron tienen
    "Chileros va" XD

  5. thx guys! I guess we all love the Tau :)

    @flekkzo I'm already suscribed to his blog :)

    @woroxon nothing in mind, wanting to see some vehicles in action next time we meet.

    @hellboy simon aunque si tienen su como aire al color que dicen, tienen mas aire a otro :P