lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

a certain shade of green

My plans were to paint at least a couple of colors to 4 tau fire warriors tonight. Then a little black unpainted ork crossed my path and I didn't feel too yellow but instead green. After painting a bit of this little ork I remembered that yellow is these guys theme. More yellow!!!

It's a bit late and even though I intended to finish him he will have to wait.

Also I feel out of place with everybody and their waaaagh fever, I wanted to "fit in" :P

Since I didn't know how to paint orks I first downloaded a couple of pdf from games-workshop and tried to mimic their technique only faster and sloppier. :)

2 comentarios:

  1. :o que bien se mira.!!! que buen efecto el de lo labios tio sos bueno jajajaja exelente

  2. muy nuen trabajo, me gusta como queda