jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

Painting faster

So, after all these years and I still haven't finished painting one army. Really terrible on my part. I tried to paint the miniatures to look better in pictures. Doing so made me get tired of painting fairly quick and take long breaks between painting sessions. Well, no longer. I am now painting to a lower standard but that's getting me to get ready to play faster.
For example, here is a 1500 points army ready for the tabletop:

I had the wave serpents, the wraith knight, hemlock wraith fighter, and the farseer painted. I painted the dire avengers in one go:

and the wraith lords and war walkers at the same time:

Now that I got that done, I'm starting with a chaos space marine army. This was the second army I got and was unpainted for the longest time. I have only gotten one game with it and most of the models were gray at the time. Next time I get them out to play they will be painted and looking good:

and I'm currently painting a vindicator, predator, and two rhinos:

I will paint all the bases at once so that they all have a unified theme. I'm happy I'm finally getting my armies painted and will stop playing with unpainted models. Wish I had done this before

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